Anome is committed to building the infrastructure for global WEB3 gaming assets and aims to become the world's largest UGC fully on-chain gaming platform.

New Generation Infrastructure for Web3 Game Content

Anome is incubated by WSDN (Web3 CSDN), the world's largest Chinese developer community with over 40 million registered users, and also received strategic investment from AC Market, which has 100 million overseas registered game players worldwide. The team comes from well-known WEB3 projects and WEB2 game companies, with complete project experience in successfully releasing NFT games and listing on well-known exchanges.


Amazing Features

Massive Potential Users

• 100 million+ overseas game registered players
• 200,000+ game developers
• 40 million+ developers

Team Experience

• 100 million+ overseas game registered playersRich experience in creating explosive NFT game , UGC game platform development and game developer operation

$100 billion Ecology

• The world's largest Web3 UGC game platform
• The world's largest game NFT exchange


• Player: Play to Earn NOME (Play to Earn)
• Developer: Upload game materials to cast NFTs (NFTs are called) to obtain NOME, and develop games to obtain NOME


• Player: Some key props NFTs on the platform require burning of NOME to complete minting. Ecological props and specific NFTs present in UGC games have a loss rate, and NOME is required to complete functional repairs.


• Developer: Pledge NOME to obtain game distribution qualifications and platform recommendations
• Investors: Pledge NOME to participate in platform governance, hold NOME to participate in financial services (DEFI)

An introduction to the Anome ecological economic model



Anome Marketplace

NFT authorization: Guarantee the rights and interests of uploaders NFT practicality: The NFT of game materials can be called by the Unity game engine to create UGC games. The real demand : Continuous purchase and use of NFT materials to develop games can ensure that NFT Marketplace generates continuous transaction volume.

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